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*lizzie starr
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*lizzie always made up games and stories to keep her company, so, a witch lived in Grampa's weather research station and was only held at bay by waving a certain weed. An ancient road grader morphed into boat a carrying wild adventurers to islands filled with sheep that turned into lions and cannibals. Now, filled with fantasy and love, the stories of her imagination have found their way into the mundane world. And when *lizzie has to return to that mundane life, she's *the Lunch Lady* at a private school. Author and lunch lady~~what a combination!
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Fantasy Romance,
Futuristic, Contemporary

Welcome to the Aspen Gold Series!
Once upon a time a group of writer friends got the grandiose idea to create a continuity series of their own. Now, here we are, years after the initial idea, sharing the finished stories with you and hoping you will feel the same intensity and appreciation for this project as we do. We have many more stories to share, and the ideas keep coming. Look for more books to follow in Aspen Gold: The Series.

So, come along. We welcome you to Spencer, Colorado, to have a look inside the families, to laugh in their good times and cry in their sad times, to follow them as they solve mysteries, expose secrets, recover from their pasts, reach for their goals, and most importantly-as they fall in love.

I wasn't one of the original authors, but became caught up in the excitement when my critique group revisited this series. Now here we are, seven authors with seven styles, releasing tales of love set against the majestic Rocky Mountains.

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                                         Ryder's Heart
                                     Aspen Gold Series

Ryder discovers an intriguing woman in his bed...

Five celibate years in Hollywood didn’t ease his guilt over his father’s death, and now Ryder Barlow is coming home to Spencer with a new purpose-to create a camp specializing in equine therapy. When he discovers a beautiful woman in his bed, his plans aren’t exactly derailed, but definitely knocked off kilter.

Escaping her past hasn’t been easy for Vianna Harrison, but she thinks she’s found a welcoming home in Spencer-as long as she can keep her ability as a psychic medium hidden. Not an easy task when spirits need to speak of forgiveness and joy to so many loved ones. Or when the owner of the exquisite cabin she’s been allowed to live in comes home unexpectedly.

Neither can start a new chapter in their lives until they stop rereading the old ones. Will acceptance overcome their secrets and show them their Rocky Mountain path to love?

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