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Contest Page Link:
     My Noble Knight -by Laurel O’Donnell  Book Link  Author Link
Layne Fletcher, the only girl in a family of three boys, has grown up
learning to use a sword and joust, but she is not a knight. She and
her brothers have been traveling from tourney to tourney to make
enough coin to buy their own farm to shelter their ailing father.
When her brother is found unconscious before an important
tournament, Layne takes his place on the jousting field against...

Griffin Wolfe, the undefeated jousting champion. When he is
unhorsed by a slip of a woman who is not a knight, he demands
retribution. His honor will not allow him to let a woman be thrown in
the dungeon and he has no choice but to pay her fine, ordering her
to travel with him until her brothers can repay him. Griffin attempts
to educate Layne in the art of being a woman, but finds he is
attracted to her exciting personality and uncommon beauty despite
her less than lady like ways.

But someone is trying to sabotage Griffin as he competes in the
tournaments. Can Layne and Griffin discover who the culprit is
while keeping their families safe and their growing attraction
               Dark Hope by Monica McGurk  Book Link  Author Link
For years, Hope Carmichael, survivor of a shocking child
abduction, has lived a sheltered existence under the protection of
her fanatically religious father. Now, liberated by her mother, Hope
prepares to start life over as a normal kid in an Atlanta, Georgia,
high school.

Normal, that is, until Hope meets Michael, a gorgeous emancipated
teen with a mysterious past and a strong interest in Hope. Soon,
Hope’s life is filled with questions. What’s behind the angry looks
Hope gets from Lucas, leader of a gang of students? Who’s
responsible for sending Hope strange valentines inscribed with
Bible quotations? How does this relate to the sinister business of
human trafficking that operates on the periphery of Hope’s
suburban world? And is Michael really a protector, or something
more sinister-and just why does he seem so familiar?

In an epic narrative that takes readers from the back streets of
Atlanta to the height of Vegas penthouses and beyond, Dark Hope
introduces The Archangel Prophecies, a saga of vast mythological
scope and great moral urgency.

                    Bliss by Renee Field  Book Link  Author Link
9 months in a row - Kindle Best seller!

A plague threatens his kingdom but one kiss could rule his heart...

Kassandra grew up with myths of Titans and Sirens thanks to her
father, but never did she imagine one of these mythological
creatures would pop out of an ancient book she discovered in the
library. Darius is unlike any man she’s known. He’s commanding
but loyal to his family and he shows her a secret power she never
knew she possessed. When he claims to need her help, Kassandra
vows to use her special talents to help.

Darius is a Titan of the sea, trapped inside a book for a decade
when he left his home on a mission to save his world. He’s on a
deadly time crunch and fears the plague, which had been
destroying his undersea kingdom has spread in his absence, and is
forced to bring along Kassandra, knowing it could very well put her
life in jeopardy.

Forced to find magic relics that could end the plague, Darius comes
face-to-face with the decision of a lifetime. Let Kassandra drown or
give her the kiss of life which will turn her into a Siren and bound
her to him for eternity.

But one kiss can’t change the woman. Darius must learn to trust in
Kassandra’s abilities if he’s going to find a cure for his undersea
kingdom, all the while trying to avoid being captured and leading
them both into a fate worse than death.