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ROGUE'S RETURN by Desiree Holt

He’s back to help a friend…
Angus “Rogue” Redford spent 12 years as a part of the 160th Special operations Aviation Regiment, otherwise known as the vaunted Night Stalkers. In that role he frequently flew the helicopter taking RF Fortune’s SEAL Team to its mission. Now a civilian, for the second time RF has reached out to him for help with a rescue.

She rattles chains and exposes dirty linen…
Liz McCallister is a special assignment reporter for a popular magazine famous for its articles on high profile people and in some cases it’s exposes. Liz is the top reporter for that, and right now she’s after the candidate running for governor of Texas. But she’s rattled one too many chains and now she’s got a target on her back.

They are no strangers to each other…
Months ago they had a hot, hot weekend together then split to follow their own paths. Now he’s back and her safety is his assignment. But what about the heat that still generates between them? And what happens when the assignment is over?


Kyle “Rage” McKenna did everything with an attitude. A bad attitude. After serving a stint in a Special Ops unit, he freelanced his talents-for a lot of money.

When Cassandra Front finds out Rage McKenna is her partner for her next assignment, she nearly breaks the contract.

When the two meet in the field-not for the first time-sparks fly and Rage and Cass get the job done. But will the makeup/breakup sex be enough?

OPERATION UNKNOWN by Krista Ames (sensual contemporary)

Jax Benning was home. However, what he expected to be there when he arrived, wasn’t the case at all. His parents were missing. The house he grew up in was empty. Now he needed a job and a place to stay. He needed to find his parents.

The last thing Evie Jackson expected or wanted to do was get wrapped up with an ex-military man. Especially one that had issues. He seemed like a reliable person and worked his ass off around her aunt and uncle's farm but she had reservations.

With the help of the Soldiers of Fortune, can Jax and Evie get along long enough to figure out what happened to Jax’s parents?

SACRIFICE by Nicole Morgan

Eddie Peterson gave everything for his country. What more will he be expected to sacrifice?

Eddie Peterson had been working undercover for over three years. On paper, and as far as America knew, he was a deserter, a soldier who went AWOL and abandoned his country and unit. There were only a few people in the Pentagon who knew the truth.

Marissa Rojas spent her days doing what she was told. That was the way things were done in her family. The men led, while the women followed. It was a pattern that she was growing increasingly tired of.

After years of living on the wrong side of the law, Eddie is finally close to completing his mission. But when Marissa comes in the picture, he is forced to rethink his priorities. And the lines between duty and honor will be tested.