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MAKE ME BREATHLESS  by Tina Donahue 
These rugged cowboys know what they want…the biker chick who just became their
Genre - Contemporary/Cowboys    
Heat Level - 5 (erotic)
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I'LL DANCE FOR YOU by Marianne Stephens 
Fellow professor Nate catches Carla practicing her stripper routine for an amateur night
contest. Mutual attraction leads to a lusty affair. Her secret’s out…and she’ll soon discover
his well-hidden one.
Genre - Contemporary    
Heat Level - 4 (Steamy to Scorching)
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HEAD OVER HEELS by Paris Brandon  
A sexy CEO finds an unexpected treasure when a quirky thrift-shop owner falls off a ladder,
and into his arms. Lust at first sight has never been so much fun!
Genre - Contemporary Erotic Romance   
Heat Level - 5
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DRAGON MIRROR by Janice Seagraves  
Kidnapped and seduced, Crystal Wedgewood will do anything to get back to her husband.
Even fight a king dragon with her bare hands.
Genre - Paranormal
Heat Level -4 ½
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UNAWAKENED by Cindy Spencer Pape   
Caring for 3 young siblings in a drafty castle with no funds, Augusta has no use for her
guardian--until he arrives in her world and turns it upside down.
Genre - Historical Romance
Heat Level - 3-sensual
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REBEL HEART by Denyse Bridger

A sexy P.I. between jobs decides to take what should be an easy assignment. Little does he
know his life is about to get complicated in a multitude of ways when he becomes involved
with the woman he was sent to find-and reawakens a past nightmare neither of them is
prepared for…
Genre - Contemporary
Heat Level - 4
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FOR LOVE OF LANCE by Jean Hart Stewart

Marcus and Lance were once warriors together and now forever friends. When Marcus
marries the girl of both their dreams, Lance feels bereft, as personal happiness seems
impossible. But when he sees a girl with astonishingly beautiful eyes, his stricken heart
responds in spite of his sorrow. Shannon is in dire need of rescuing and the gentleman in
him responds, even though reluctantly. As he tries to help Shannon, he finds her in danger
and a captive, hidden away with access forbidden to him.

Seriously alarmed, he knows he must do something to get her to safety. As he tries to
rescue her, he find his every attempt blocked, and Shannon in far worse danger than he’d
Genre - Historical Romance
Heat Level - 3
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Three years ago Sophia Hunt was on the tail end of a bad break up and in a vulnerable and
confused state of mind when she crossed paths with the sexy and seductive J.T.

Stuck in a rut and no longer satisfied with his successful life, J.T. finds an unfamiliar ache
when the scared girl who ran out on him years earlier walks back into his life.

Though time is not on their side, Sophia is faced with the realization that her biggest fears
and greatest temptations are one in the same. And J.T. is the only man who has what it
takes to get Sophia to surrender her inhibitions.
Genre - Erotic comtemporary
Heat Level - 4
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SURF'S UP by Krista Ames

Benji Reed was an accountant by day but a surfer on vacation. Neither of those two things
had anything to do with women and that was exactly the way he liked it. He was a focused
career-minded man who didn’t have time for dating. That is until he met a hottie in the local
bar who caught his eye.

Kylee Scott was running from a failed relationship and her ex. Luckily she'd been granted
permission to inhabit her Grams cottage and unlimited access to as much sun and solitude
as a woman needed. Except for two distractions which happened to both be men. There
was one on a silver surf board that didn’t know how to surf and another in a bar. Her
biggest problem... they both captured her heart.    
Genre - Romance
Heat Level - 2-3 out of 5

EMERALD GREEN by Desiree Holt

Dealing with the heartache of her fiancé's infidelity, Meredith meets a handsome stranger
who offers her a variety of temptations, leading to an afternoon initiation into the pleasures
of the flesh. Just when Meredith thinks it will come to an end, life hands her another
surprise which will open yet more doors to her own sexuality.
Genre - Erotic Romance
Heat Level - Scorching 4-5