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Kate Allenton

Where passions and secrets collide!/KateAllenton
Kate has lived in Florida for most of her life. She enjoys a quiet life with her husband and two kids, Thomas and Taylor.

Kate has pulled all-nighters finishing her favorite books and also writing them. She says she'll sleep when she's dead or when her muse stops singing off key.

USA Today Bestselling Author Kate loves creating worlds full of suspense, secrets, hunky men, kick ass heroines, steamy sex and oh yeah the love of a lifetime. Not to mention an occasional ghost, and other supernatural creatures, thrown in for fun.
Romantic Suspense and Paranormal
                            Cree Blue Psychic Eye Dead Wrong

Psychic Cree Blue has made a deal with the devil. To save a life and solve her cold case, she'll have to prove that sometimes the devil is just plain innocent.

Psychic Cree Blue's identity is a secret, and her help in solving cold cases is strictly off the record. She isn't known for her finesse, but she's good at what she does. Her intuition and insight have never steered her wrong.

When there's an attempted murder on the only detective who knows her secrets, she's willing to step outside the safety of her anonymity and insert herself smack-dab in the middle of an active investigation. She has the skills to help, but convincing the sexy, skeptical detective to accept that help is much harder than dealing with the dead.

With an attempted killer on the loose and another cold case nipping at her heels, Cree will risk more than her secret identity to solve both cases. She'll risk her sanity and her life.

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