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Cara Marsi
Sexy, sweet, thrilling, or magical, Cara’s stories are first and foremost about the love.

An award-winning and eclectic author, Cara Marsi is published in romantic suspense, paranormal romance, and contemporary romance. She loves a good love story, and believes that everyone deserves a second chance at love. Sexy, sweet, thrilling, or magical, Cara’s stories are first and foremost about the love. Treat yourself today, with a taste of romance.

                         Josh's Salvation (Redemption Book 4)

Suspense. Sizzling. Sultry.

When two federal agents with a heart-shattering history are thrown together on a deadly undercover mission, they must fight to live and to have a future together.

Lia Valdez’s heart was broken when her father, a police officer, was killed in the line of duty. She’d followed his footsteps into law enforcement, only to have her heart shattered again by a fellow Drug Enforcement Agent. Josh Tanner broke through the walls she’d built around her heart, then walked away without explanation. Now she’s rebuilt those walls, stronger than ever.

Josh Tanner joined a clandestine division of the Drug Enforcement Agency hoping to atone for the sins of his rebellious youth. But one horrific night in Mexico crushed his hopes, costing him both the life of his partner and the love of his life.

Forced to work together on a deadly mission to bring down a West Coast drug kingpin, Lia isn’t sure she can trust Josh again. But with her life-and her heart-on the line, she may have no choice. Maybe they can have a future together. But first, they have to survive.

This is a 25,000 word sensual novella.

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